Our skills

Sports law

In-depth developments in sports law have occurred over the last few years in order to adapt to the changes in methods of consumption, both at the level of mass practice as well as at the high performance level. The law, regulations of federations as well as case law have intervened in order to answer a certain number of issues such as, in particular, the liability of organisers, sports betting and gambling, the fight against doping.

The members of the GIE advise and defend the interests of athletes, players’ agents and high level trainers, clubs, sports federations, sponsors and organisers of sporting events. They defend their clients before all national courts (labour courts, administrative tribunals), the CNOSF, the disciplinary commissions of French and international sports federations and international courts such as the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Criminal law

The members of the GIE have developed an expertise in defending victims of offences and felonies, whether individuals or companies, in order to assist them as from the investigation stage up until trial in order to better defend their interests.

Labour law

Labour law consists of all of the rules relating to employment relations, that is, the rights and obligations of employers and employees, from entering into the employment contract up until its termination.

It is an area of law that is becoming increasingly complex and in which case law plays an important creative role.

The members of the GIE represent both employers and employees.

They act throughout the life of employment contracts (drafting or rereading of contracts, amendments, advice) and also at the dispute stage by litigating before labour courts and appeal courts throughout the national territory.

Family law

Family law consists of all private rules of law governing the relations between persons united by blood or marriage.

D2C lawyers assist their clients in all stages of family life, by providing advice on solutions adapted to each situation (marital property system, voluntary separation, future protection power of attorney, guardianship, etc.).

They also assist them in litigation matters (divorce, end of common law marriages or civil partnerships, alimony, compensatory allowances, child custody, enforcement of judgements, post-separation disputes, guardianship, etc.).

Real estate law

The members of the GIE have extensive experience in the field of real estate law thereby enabling them to cover its numerous facets such as construction (town planning, building law, subcontractors and liability), the sale of real estate and litigation with respect to preliminary sales agreements and sales agreements and real estate management and, more specifically, advice and litigation concerning leases (commercial, residential and professional) and joint ownership of real estate property.

The clientèle of the members of the GIE are therefore actors in the life of the real estate property, whether promoters, real estate administrators, real estate management agents, institutional investors and individuals.

Corporate law

The members of the GIE assist entrepreneurs and their legal teams throughout the life of their companies.

Designers of the tools necessary for value creation, they draft and negotiate all instruments connected to the setting up (articles of association, setting up of groups of companies, shareholders’ agreements), the development of the business (acquisitions/sales of fixed assets or of the company), its national or international evolution, restructuring (mergers, spin-offs, etc.), as well as commercial agreements.

They are able to assist the heads of companies before all courts and arbitral tribunals.

Tax law

Tax law is ever changing and autonomous.

All economic, industrial or service activities require tax expertise in such a complex context; the members of the GIE are your privileged partners; they will advise you at any stage of the decision-making process for the definition of your strategies and on the problems related to their implementation and the evolution of the law (in order to avoid, for example, the trap of abuse of right).

We shall also assist you in respect of personal and inheritance tax (income tax, wealth tax, etc.).

Commercial law

The members of the GIE shall assist you during all the stages of development of your commercial activities, advising you in particular with respect to the drafting of your contracts, the setting up your distribution networks and unfair competition issues.

Defence of your interests shall be ensured by the total mastery of litigation proceedings, whether civil, commercial or arbitral, as well as during the pre-litigation stage in order to find a resolution to your dispute or optimally prepare your matter for trial.